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Ring M., Ajdacic-Gross (2009). ‘Suicidality’ a module on the multi-themed website for adolescents - www.feelok.ch. How does it differ to other suicide prevention information platforms? XXV World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention Montevideo, Uruguay, on the 27-31 October, 2009
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tailored Internet programme for smoking prevention.
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The internet-based smoking prevention programme of feelok –
empirical experience of the last 5 years (2007)
Can inactive and partially active young people be reached through
an internet programme to promote physical activity? (2006)
A multi-institutional approach to maintaining an internet based
health promotion programme for young people in Switzerland (2006)
Redesign of an Internet Program for Smoking Prevention as a result
of new Findings (Jahr 2005)
A randomised controlled effectiveness study and the manner of use
of an internet based cannabis programme for young people on the basis of the Transtheoretical Model (2004)